Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Animal Wednesday - Hummer

Sitting on the patio watching for the hummers to come in to the feeder made me want to try to draw the scene. I got the feeder and a poor facamile of the bird. I used colored pencils. The green of the surrounding trees made everything clear look green. Happy Animal Wednesday.


Teri C said...

Gee Lisa, You've got the bottom of that feeder just perfect and the rest is great too but that bottom-I thought it was a photo.

Really nice job on this.

And I have a questioi; is that thing on the top for keeping ants out? if so, I need to get one, I have been greasing the pole with vaseline to keep the ants from climbing up.

HAW so happy you are playing.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for opening your sketchbook to us!
I wish I could draw...
very pretty.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Teri, the cup at the top is to keep ants out. You just have to put water in it. The ants won't cross water. It works wonderfully. I rinse it out every day I water the pots on the patio to keep mosquitos from breeding there.

Oh Sherry, I bet you could draw. You just haven't tried. I just started trying a year or so ago. I learn something with every line I put down. You are so good with your camera you don't need to draw.

soulbrush said...

this is good, reminds me of those old egg timers we used to have (do they still make them?) great you're now an animal wednesdayer, HAW.

Eve said...

I like that. The colors are really nice. I've never tried colored pencils. I think you have inspired me to try. : )