Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Animal Wednesday - Indian Butterfly

Today I have an Indian Skipper to offer for Animal Wedensday.  Skippers are the most difficult to identify butterflies to me.  The only ones more difficult to identify are the Folded-winged Skippers.  I hope that our gardens are soon full of these little rascals. Happy Animal Wednesday to everyone. 


Cat said...

I think she's gorgeous! :)

Teri C said...

Another beauty!!! You are really a nature girl!


ArtistUnplugged said...

Beautiful! You are a master at the butterflies!

lisa mertins said...

lovely! and what a great idea homage-ing butterflies!

steviewren said...

Obviously you are a close observer of nature. It shows in your artwork and in your blog posts. I admire that in you.

Lynn said...

Oh he is flying all over the place I do believe I saw him elsewhere...ABC blog perhaps! Yes!
So beautifully captured in paints by your hand.

marianne said...

Oh how welcome butterflies will be!!!!
Yours are so pretty!!!
I am the lucky owner of one!


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

This is beautiful. Did I see this before? or one like it?

studio lolo said...

Cris cracks me up because she gets confused when we post the same art on different blogs!

This is a beauty. I'm way behind in blogging and I didn't see it yet on our atc site. I'm going there now!

And yes, they're coming soon :)

verobirdie said...

Butterflies, at last! Let's hope we can see the real ones soon!

yoon see said...

So so cute:0
I really love this smiley butterfly.
The colours are great too.
Lisa, pls. draw more insect series and share with us:)
Green is the colour here, I love1