Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Colorful Postcard

I received this lovely postcard from Patty.  She combined almost all of the colors I saw while shopping the other day.  I think I bought a tee shirt in about every color. Ha.  Thanks so much Patty. I really like all of these colors.  This is one of the postcards from the Global Greetings Mail Art group that I am participating in.  It has been such fun. You can go here to see many more great postcards.
 Even though Steviewren thinks I get mail every day that isn't the case.  Every day lately I have been in the garden, weather permiting. Weather has been very kind lately.  I brought a few forsythia sprigs in.  They are doing well in a small vase.
The bright yellow of the forsythia brought on this haiku.

Forsythia rays
competes with Spring's Sunshine
Even in a vase.

I hope your days are full of sunshine.  Your comments also fills my days with sunshine. Thank you all for stopping by and taking the time to leave a few words.  All of your words together make the most beautiful bouquets.


Julie said... make my days too! So much to see and hear from you all the time! Thanks for always coming by my place too!

Happy gardening!!!

messyfish said...

It so lovely you recorded spring with your art. It's so lovely to have you as a friend too. Xxx

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

This is a charming drawing. I wish I had brought some sprigs in to enjoy as they bloomed and promptly froze the first freeze we had last week. OH well It was lovely outside for awhile. Our nice weather went bye bye for awhile.

steviewren said...

Love your drawing and your haiku. Yellah Bell as we call it here in the South are bright as sunshine. Mine were in full bloom last weekend.

Teri C said...

Pretty postcard.
Love your painting AND the haiku!!

marianne said...

What a lovely sweet post Lisa!
It is alweays a pleasure stopping by and to see what lovely things you have in store for us.
Pattys card is great!
And so are your forsythia's!
They are blooming here as well!

Happy Easter Weekend!

SandyCarlson said...

I love what you wrote about the forsythia. I was at BJ's yesterday, and there were long, lean bundles of forsythia with their roots in burlap bags. They were so beautiful. But trapped. So I love what you have drawn here.

Q said...

The wind and the rain this morning just about ruined the flowers in my gardens!
I hope the daffodiles stand back up....I too am out in the dirt as much as possible.
I love your drawings...
Happy Easter,

Quiet Paths said...

Here some of us have to import Forsythia blossoms... one day I might get up the courage to plant a bush but it will probably freeze die during the winter. I love your picture. It's so pretty. And the haiku is great.

Margaret Ann said...

Forsythia is in bloom...all is well with the world!

Great mail art you've been getting...What fun! :)

lisa mertins said...

lovely! the forsythia is so inspiring (and i love that steviewren told you it's called yellah bell :) i plan to put a couple in my garden this weekend before the blooms are gone and i forget (like i do every year!). wonderful haiku too lisa.