Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hand Made Sketch Books

The past couple of weekends I have been having a sketchbook making fit.  My mind keeps coming up with different ideas. I noticed that I made the Tree Journal last year about this time. Ha... It must be that at this time of year I am weary of trying to fight the heat to be outside much.

What got me going on this idea is that my "Tree Journal" sketchbook is almost full and I wanted to make another. I am liking this size, 6"x8". It works well for me using a sheet or two of Arches watercolor paper or I can put in some sketch paper or writing paper as well.

I have some really interesting papers. This one is sort of metalic. I thought the little boy that will receive it would like the metalic look.  I did most of theses books with the coptic stitch.
When you use the coptic stitch you can lay flat your book to work in.
This one I used a different front and back paper. The recepient can start the book from either end really. It would not matter but I thought of the front being the circles. They are mandala-like.
Inside I used a variety of papers. Some handmade (not by me). Some for painting some for poetry.
This one I think would be good for a little girl, at least that is who it is being given to. It is pink and I put some jewels on the front. The front is very textural with a sand motif on the front. Little girls like to play in sand.
This is my first stab at doing a Japanese binding. It is a little larger, 11 5/8"x8".
You lose a little painting space along one edge which makes the painting surface 7.5"x10". That is fine with me. It is a larger format than I usually use. As you can see with this type of binding you can open the first page flat but the following pages are very stiff. I will probably have to mash them flater when I come to the page or use clips to keep it open. I will see how I like using this before I make any more.
The last style that I made is a folded-cover Journal. Easiest one to make. I used a difficult paper though. It is bark paper. Not a good paper for this type of cover. It has several folds and you knkow that bark doesn't like to fold. It is quite brittle. I have few pages in it so I hope it survives the short trip I will be making next month as I made it especially to record this trip.

Have any of you worked with this bark paper? Is there something I could put on it to make it more flexible??
I hope you all had a fun weekend.


soulbrush said...

how lovely these pages are, I still haven't mastered a journal yet.

Lynn said...

These books are stupendous! I am so impressed with your bindings. I have several books that will probably teach me to do this, but I have not yet taken the time.
Just beautifully done! The people who get them will be so delighted.

SandyCarlson said...

These are wonderful and beautifully bound. I admire your talent.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow.. I am impressed and you are doing so many for gifts too. Cant wait to see what you put in that one going on a trip. To where?? will you be Birding?

Teri C said...

Holy moleyLisa, these are fabulous! I love them all. You always inspire me when you make your books.
Gosh, they are gorgeous!

ArtPropelled said...

How lucky to receive one of your journals as a gift.Simply beautiful!

verobirdie said...

All three look gorgeous! You are very vlever

Mim said...

I love the ones that lay flat. How clever you are to master these

Caroline said...

My, you have been busy - these are great - how clever you are! I have so many of your posts to catch up on - sorry I haven't visited in a while!

Cheryl said...


So very is your heart.
Received the package....I know a little girl who will be beaming this afternoon. Will be in touch.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Beautiful! What wonderful examples, thanks for sharing.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I love your books....
I am in the process of making one from paper shopping bags.
All of your journals are amazing.
You are a true artist!

Laure Ferlita said...

You need to open a shop on Etsy, Lisa! These are fabulous! I would gladly buy one with wc paper in it.

Teri C said...

You know, I so admired and loved your red book when I saw it. And now it is even more beautiful in my hand. Lisa, you are an awesome friend and master bookmaker. My muse is jumping for joy!
What a beautiful way to return from my vacation to hold this gorgeous piece of art in my hand.
Thank you millions my friend!

Julie said...

These are all fantastic!!! Do you sell them on Etsy? I think you would have a nice little business! I can sit and stare at journals with handmade paper and coptic stitching for HOURS!!!

sukipoet said...

wonderful. i love handmade journals and make them myself.

bark paper, i have always wanted some. it is delicious. but it is very expensive so have never indulged. so dont know the answer.

coptic stitch, looks like you are doing only a few pages. personally i find the sewing so hard with coptic stitch, although i have done it. easier with fewer pages. but i love the resulting flat opening.

japanese sidebound. love that style of binding as for awkward me it is easy. but yes, it does not lie flat and you lose some page space. but for awhile i made tons of small ones and sold them at crafts fairs.

i read about and have made a binding with no name, maybe "exposed" binding. The book opens flat, the binding is loose and it is, for me, way easier than coptic. but remember i'm not a sewer. i can scan the directions and send to you if you like. you use ribbons to hold on the cover, so when you sew you are not having to sew through the cover and the stitch is a running stitch.

sounds like you are getting ready to go somewhere.

sukipoet said...

ps forgot to comment on how beautiful these are!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Thank you all for your positive feedback about the books.

Suki, I would like for you to scan the directions for the books you like to make. I like trying different types of binding.

The copic stitch is confusing. I sometimes lose my train of thought and the stitches aren't so good. I should probably practice more.

AtelierBrigitte said...

They look great!

Geraldine said...

Beautiful work Lisa! Got here via Teri's blog, had to have a peek at the rest of your sketchbooks too.

Hugs, G

Katiejane said...

Well, aren't you industrious, making little books. How is it that all my friends know how to bind books but I don't? These are really pretty, Lisa.

yoon see said...

Well done Lisa. Yeah, of all sketch
books, all are uniquely made!

I love your concept from the cover selection down to the smallest binding part!

I hope to learn from your masterskill in making beautiful journal one day!

PAK ART said...

These are beautiful! I've been a bit behind in reading blogs but I saw the red one over at Teri's and then came here. I have a friend who does bookbinding. I'm going to have to get trained. I would love to make my own watercolor sketch journals.

Quiet Paths said...

These are so wonderful. The way you journal thru' your art these are perfect.

Margaret Ann said...

You continue to amaze me...Your artistic Muse is on fire! Lovely books...and...from first hand experience...I KNOW the recipients will treasure them dearly! :)