Saturday, September 21, 2013


I am slow but sure with my sketching. The one below is what I did with a Tombo felt tipped?pen. I like using it sometimes. 
I bet you can't guess what I was watching on tv while I sketched the next one. :) 
I found a new snack I like. I was cruising the aisles at a World Market and found these crunchy things. I like salty crunchy snacks. 
I hope you all are having a sketchy weekend.  Have fun be happy.


Mim said...

i like them all - what fun

Teri Casper said...

It just warms my heart to see you sketching. Love them all. Well, 49er's, not so much lol

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Fall is in the air.. 49ers.. :) and Rain has come back with a vengeance here. I too did some sketching. These are great.. keep sketching. :)

Julie said...

wow! greenbow and artsy endeavers posts found by me on the same day! sheer pleasure on my part! love to see your sketches!!!

Sandy Carlson said...

I love your sketches because they are full of personality.