Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Animal Wednesday - Vinny

As Wednesday is traditionally Animal day I thought I would post sketches I did of Vinny while he was staying with us. He is a great guard dog. He kept the squirrels and rabbits, mentioned in my previous post, at bay. 
He would take a break occasionally and I would try to sketch him. He is the sweetest boy dog I know. 
He had a stuffed bunny that he would sleep with and waller from time to time. Great companion dog.
Happy Animal Wedensday.


Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Ah sweet sketches. Not easy to sketch a moving animal. Fun to have an animal around for a bit. We often care for our neighbors dog and yesterday I got a little lick/kiss from him while visiting with them. He likes me. :)

Mim said...

i love boy dogs, always find them sweet. Vinny looks like a cutie...but what is 'waller"?