Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back from Vacation

We had a marvelous time on vacation. We spent several days in Ohio at Magee Marsh. This is a spring birding mecca. Birds stop here on their northern migration to rest and refuel before their last grueling flight across Lake Erie. The big draw is that the shrubby trees provide what the birds need and what people like...birds down low to view. This trip it seems like I had absolutely no time to myself. I sketched very little. SIGH~~ I was so happy to return home to find some ATCs in the pile of mail. It is always fun to receive these but these were the official welcome home for me.

I want to thank Marianne for these beautiful mandalas. Marianne is the Queen of Mandalas. Plus the card has one on the front, so nice. I love the touch of sparkles on each mandala. It seems to bring them alive.
I also received my first ever cloth ATC. I think these are amazing. Thank you Lynn. These cloth ATCs look so intricate with different color threads and the irridescent cloth is intrigueing. The iris photo on the card is so appropriate for this time of year as my irises are all abloom. I am glad I got home from vacation in time to enjoy some of the late bloomers.
It is good to be back. I wish you all a great work week.


Layanee said...

I wondered where you were off to. Glad you had fun.

Lynn said...

Glad I could be a part of your welcome home committee.
Thanks for showing my art! ;~)
Your sketch is terrific...hope you'll share more of your sketchbook as you continue to post.

Teri C said...

One sketch like this captures the essence and says it all! I know you had a great time cuz anytime you are birding is a great time.

I also just love Marianne's mandala-she is truly a queen.

And Lynn is the queen of cloth ATCs.

What a great welcome home!!

You must be getting settled in.

yoon see said...

Wow! Welcome back Lisa.
I really miss you posts.
And so many beautiful and creative cards from Marianne and Lynn!
You are in love with them and forever....He..He..
Are you going to post some sketches from your holidays Lisa?
I am waiting!!!

yoon see said...

Never mind, one sketch is good...but if you could recall the scene. More will be merrier!!!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Nice sketch anyway. Lovely ATCs you got on return.

Cori Lynn Berg said...

How lovely to have to have such wonderful things come for you when you came back!

steviewren said...

It seems like such a long time since I was here for a Artsy Endeavors update. Your vacation sounds refreshing.

I would love to trade ATCs if you would like to. Please email me and let me know if you want to. I'm so glad everyone is getting into this.

soulbrush said...

yahooo you're back, missed you like crazy my pal! maybe it's good you didn't draw, it's good you had a break, now you can sit and draw all the lovely memories you have from the trip...welcome hone.

marianne said...

Welcome back Lisa~!
Good you didn't have time to sketch you were too busy enjoying yourself!
Glad you were welcomed with ATC's instead of bills!
I will show yours on Thursday, it is such a cute little fellow!
Lynn's ATC's are amazing, aren't they! And so is the card!
I planted a few of these last year and they are about to bloom!
I love them!
Fun you are also playing the ABC ATC's ! look forward to send you and to receive from you!

deepazartz said...

Welcome back!

To be welcomed by such wonderful gifts must be even more great! Your sketch is cool. Hope to see more of your sketches:)

Q said...

All of your ATC's are amazing...so much talent!
Happy you are home!

studio lolo said...

Sounds like a beautiful place to escape to!
What wonderful ATC's you got from friends. Wow!! I always gasp when I get to see and feel them in person :)

I like the atc's you've done (above.) The textured paper is so perfect for those flowers!
I wish I had extra time to work on some. Right now it's all I can do to keep up with the abc's. Maybe once I'm moved and settled!

Have a great holiday weekend Lisa.