Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blooming Tuesday - Pink Rose

I got some lovely pink roses from Luna for Mother's Day. I drew one of them and just got around to putting some color on it. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday to all. I hope you survived the holiday.


soulbrush said...

i see luna has really great taste...forgot to ask you waht work you do...hope the day's okay after a long w end. hugs and happy BT.

Teri C said...

It's very pretty and I love the single rose look. Good job Luna on the giving part, cuz now we have the pretty rose to see!

Lynn said...

Lovely mother's day gift and beautiful rendition of it too.
Love the colors and how you painted it. Thorns are nice too.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

This is lovely. A wonderful memory of her Flowers to keep always.

yoon see said...

My appology to be late again, pls. forgive me Lisa...and thanks for always dropping and giving kind comments :)
Wow! Really pink feel and very artistic!
I have a special feeling for roses and yours have given me much inspirations Lisa!

yoon see said...

Did you frmed it up Lisa?
It's good to look at it again and again.
I do that always!
That's what call inspiration and thanks for sharing your joy Lisa:)

Q said...

Lovely rose!
I enjoy your painting so very much!

Robyn said...

Such a delicate rose, beautifully painted.