Monday, January 25, 2010

3 Dimensional Art

I have been reading a few different blogs that show their altered pages.  Most have some interesing three dimentional items on their pages. Plus reading how some people put together found objects.  I have boxes full of found objects. Most are rocks, shells and other items discarded in nature.  At least I find them while out observing nature. I can't resist bringing some things home.

I have been inspired to try one of these altered pages.  Or in this case it didn't end up as a page. I made a small collage of found items. 

Obviously not all items are found but nature was in my mind when I put them together.  The Frog is of course a Chinese (?) knot.  It isn't a real frog but it suits my sense of order. The piece of coral and a crab claw are real.

I put them in this black frame.  My only disappointment in it was that the blue paper bled through the red paper with the chinese writing.  I was going to send this to a friend but with the error of the bleeding I can't do that. I will keep it for myself as a lesson learned.  I am afraid that the crab claw is too delicate to take off the piece so I could place another piece of the red paper over the original. 

If any of you do this type of art would you tell me what kind of glue to use that would possibly not be so wet as to make the paper bleed? 


Teri C said...

Oh too bad, it is so pretty.
I use 'Yes' paste and it is used very thin. Haven't had any bleed through problems. Course I rarely do collage. lol

Julie said...

what a good thing to try! i wish i knew what glue...other than glue gun(maybe)...not sure. hope someone will know. I like your items you put together to make an art peice!

studio lolo said...

I almost always use "YES" now. It's pretty thick in the jar but it can be thinned out. I also like Aileen's different glues that I mostly used in our journals. The 'fast grab' is awesome!

This is a very striking mixed media piece Lisa :)

SandyCarlson said...

That lesson learned is for all of us. Thanks, friend. That is a neat creation.

ArtistUnplugged said...

But it is sooo pretty! Not experienced with collage so I certainly can't offer any advice. Have a great Tuesday!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

It is pretty. to bad about the bleeding thru. I never heard of YES glue but I too learned a lesson here.

marianne said...

Wonderful!!!! Makes me want to try it too but I know I am not good at this....:(

I Know Suki made some wonderful altered books! I have bought 2 of them, one for me and one for a friend of mine, I am sure she would know!

Lynn said...

Perhaps double sided tape would work on the delicate paper or glue dots??? (I'd probably sew them down but that's me. LOL)

Your framed altered page is lovely and I'd just see the bleed as part of the art.