Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Artsy Soul Sisters Book

I am delighted as can be to have my Arty Soul Sisters Book back and completed.  I have bound the pages using waxed linen thread in a Stab-bound stitch.  I guess it really should say Drilled-bound stitch because I added some spacers between the pages to help protect the embelishments on  the pages.

After I put the spacers in between the pages I covered the ends so they aren't noticable.

This is the very first book of this nature I have ever participated in.  I can't thank Soul enough for inviting this novice to participate with such accomplished artists. It has been an honor to participate. I feel so blessed to have received such fine art from the participants. 

When you open my book the first page is my introduction to the project.  On the inside cover I put the names of all the participants and their blog names along with an artist they had mentioned to have given them inpsiration.  Then the front of my page is a watercolor with a haiku.

When you turn the page you will find the left side is the back of my page and the right side is the front of the page done by Studio Lolo.

I just can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone going along with my nature theme. Plus There are all kinds of surprises with each page. Like on the back of Lolo's page is a little sack with a post card to us all. It was such a delight to find.  On the right side you see the naturalistic look of a meadow with real dried flowers.  The page just draws you into the scene. This page is done by Suki.

The back of Suki's page (on the left) is full of love and lucious color.  The right side is Katie Jane's front page.  She chose to depict my garden which she knows I love and nuture.  This makes my flower box appear as I see it at its most beautiful state.

The back of her page (on the left) encourages me to "Find Happiness" and "Fill my world with flowers".
On the left is the most spirited page of Soulbrush who brought us all together. You can see that her creative spirit is so all encompassing.

The back of Soul's page states that it is Handmade from the Heart.  I can tell you it is a heart as big as can be imagined. I love her  touch of African art.  It made me realize that it was indeed from the heart.
On the right side is the front of Marianne's page. Marianne who is often whizzing around the world has painted several of the birds I would most like to see.  Her gentle touch is so evident here.

The back of Marianne' page (on the left) changes in mood and is so beautiful with this wonderful poem.
On the right Mim's spirit is sowing creative energy. 

When I looked at the back of Mim's page I was thrilled to see that I was the receipient of one of her trademark fish. No not one but a whole school of her fish.  This made me very happy.  On the left my
nature theme is carried through by Lynn.  Lynn captured the feel of a butterfly by felting fabric on this pretty paper. How is that possible?? I am telling you these artists are great.

Even the back of Lynn's page (on the right) is a tactile experience.  Then on the right is Caroline's page. Caroline lives in Malaysia and I think it gives her art a very light sense.  I love the way she incorporated the origami butterfly into the page. 

The last page is also the back of Caroline's page.  It is a sweet collage of the most interesting papers and images. 

As I close the pages of my book I can't tell you how heart warming it is to hold it in my hands and peruse each and every page so graciously made for me. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you to all the artists that participated.
For those of you that would like to read more about the pages and possibly see better photos and explanations about the details  go to the Arty Soul Sisters Blog. Plus you will see all the other pages for the exchange. Or you can go to the artist's blog I have linked to each of them. You will not be disappointed at what you find there.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

What a lovely book you ended up with. You did a wonderful job finishing it. and Everyone did such a wonderful job on their pages with the art. It was fun just watching this develop and come to an end. Something for you to treasure always.
My WV..grases.. Its all in the nature theme. :))

marianne said...

Wow Lisa!
Your book looks so gorgeous and so well put together.... I hope I can find a way to do so too.
The pages are lovely different but together they are a unity.
This was a fun project and I was happy to be in it.
Can't wait to get mine......
I can imagine what pleasure it must be to have yours!
Enjoy it dear!

Teri C said...

Oh lisa, this is absolutely awesome! Each page is so beautiful and creative and special. What a wonderful and rewarding experience.
Thank you for showing and explaining each page.

SandyCarlson said...

That book is utterly gorgeous. I have made books with this technique, and it is very nice. Special. So down to the art. Your book is beautiful. Must be nice to hold to enjoy the colors and textures first hand.

Julie said...

I can really see how heart warming it would be to have that completed book, with all the love that went into it!!! It is so gorgeous!!!!!

studio lolo said...

Oh Lisa, what a wonderful treat to have you take us through the completed journal!
I love your explanations and descriptions, told and felt right from your heart.
I feel this project has definately brought us all closer.
Thank you so much for sharing!

yoon see said...

All the pages are equally unique and distintively beautiful.
Marvellously compiled into a travelled journal to be treasured.

Yes, looking back the hard work and friendships all over the world.
Heart contented is one, counting blessing is two and everyone happy is three....

Great job, great job and congrats to you and the artsy sour sisters team! ASS rocks!!!

Quiet Paths said...

I can tell by your photos that this book is brimming with dedication, love and talent. What a wonderful thing.

Lynn said...

Wow, isn't it fantastic to see the completed book. And I Love how each artists back of page leads to the front page of the next artist.
Your binding is so cool. I will have to find a way to learn how to do this or something like it. Thanks for sharing the whole book this way.

Stampmaiden said...

Oh Lisa, what a wonderful book. I remember the anticipation and then excitment when a Round Robin Book would finally make it home. Thanks for sharing your lovely book with us. Great treasures!