Sunday, February 21, 2010

Haiku Bones - Fraught

Today's prompt at Haiku Bones is the word Fraught.  I think this word is most interesting because the thing that comes to mind when I hear it is FEAR.  Fear has nothing to do with this poor innocent word. It means full of or something along those lines.  Ha... I had to look it up to make myself quit thinking about Fear.  Do any words ever affect you this way?  Aren't words most wonderful?  Here is my Haiku regarding this prompt.

Sometimes fearful
Life can overwhelm
One must be strong

Full feeding station
riotous feathered friends
prepare for nesting

Summer Garden
full, unrestrained color
blank canvas now

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Debra Kay said...

I wonder, thinking about it now, if fear is just something we've come to associate with the unknown. Whatever happened to anticipation and excitement. The birds probably have it right!

Andy Sewina said...

I think sometimes we are fearful of losing what we've not got.

Nice poetry!

SandyCarlson said...

These are lovely. The third one speaks to me of the way time moves so quicky and not at all. And in that bizarre space, the most remarkable changes take place.

Teri C said...

Interesting thoughts on words. I agree they are fun.
I love your last haiku!

Stan Ski said...

Nicely layerd treatment of uncertainty, certainty and possibility.

Jim said...

Good examples of fraught, Lisa. I especially like the last line of the last 'verse,' blank canvas.
I used another definition of fraught.

Julie said...

Lisa!!! YOU ARE A POET!!! Your words are always exceptional! I really enjoy your haikus!!!

soulbrush said...

these are all great. never actually got down to trying haikus, will one day. fear is much bigger than fraught, but rolls on the tongue and in the mind in the same way.

studio lolo said...

Wow, all clever. I too like the last one best. Probably because we're living it right now! Wonderful way to put it though.

Quiet Paths said...

Very well done. And, you are so correct about that word. There is a lot of anticipation in it.

Anonymous said...

Nice Lisa, I can relate to all three poems.

Tumblewords: said...

These are wonderful!

yoon see said...

Yes, I agree with you.
We must not be fearful!
Going strong and let God takes control!

I will send your giveaway by next week becuase I want to include some suprises for you Lisa:)
I will inform you onc I send out the giveaway:)

steviewren said...

The last one is my favorite. I love the stop and go of it. It's fun painting a picture with words sometimes rather than paint isn't it?