Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Animal Wednesday - Amish Country

I have either been out birding or working in the garden lately. Tuesday we went into Amish Country looking for Loggerhead Shrikes. We didn't find any but it was such a beautiful day. You can see in the pictures how it started off foggy but the fog soon burned off.
The men were plowing the fields. This picture was taken from afar. They don't like to have their picture taken but I just couldn't resist picturing this scene. The men plowing and the children in the background playing.  The huge beautiful, Perchuron (??) horses pull those plows.
Happy Animal Wednesday.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hand of Friendship

A friend and I went for a walk at a local park this week. We have been doing this about once per week lately. It is so good getting together with her because we don't normally cross paths in our day to day living. While we were communing with nature she happened to pick up a short fat acorn and showed it to me. I decided to take a picture of it in her hand.
When I got home and looked at this picture the picture itself was all blurry as it was so sunny when I took the picture I couldn't tell that in the field. But what I treasured about this picture and what brought me to draw this sight was the feeling I had.
I have been touched so many times by this hand that offers me so much love, companionship and wisdom. This hand holds many happy memories. So many offerings of friendship. Namaste my dear friend.
At the bottom of this page was a place that struck me too. There is a huge gully being created in the hillside. A huge hunk of moss grasping at the root of a tree that has fallen into the abyss stood out brilliantly in the sun shine. It looked like a big hunk of carpet draped over the edge. I didn't quite capture the moment but I bet I won't forget it.
I hope you get to share part of your weekend with a friend and you get to see some of nature's treasures.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Animal Wednesday - Snow Animals

I'm going to apologize right up front becasue this is a picture heavy post, so if you don't have time or inclination you can move on and it won't hurt my feelings.
What got me so engrossed with photos is that we got a spring snow Monday. It brought the birds and animals into the feeders.
The squirrels don't need any encouragement but they took full advantage of the situation.
Blue Jays aren't at the feeders every day. They too took advantage of seeds that weren't covered with snow.

The poor robins didn't like the beginnin of the day. The ground, their major source of food was under about 2 inches of snow. Not to worry by the time we returned from the park the ground was thawing and bright green grass was showing.
The Grackles and Doves didn't wait for any such thaw. They tromped the snow for seeds.
House sparrows weren't detered from their spring mating rituals. This Mrs was telling the Mr that she was ready for spring despite the snow.
After we looked over the garden we headed for the park.
It was like driving through a winter wonderland.
Luna and I hopped out of the truck to extend our walk. The view from the road to the Wabash River was picturesque this morning.
We met my DB at the intersection.
Then walked together to the big open space we walk around that constitutes a good portion of the walk. Since there wasn't much worry that there would be any traffic this morning I decided to let Luna run free.
She loves to be allowed to run to her hearts content when it is cold and snowy. Do you see her?
Here, let me zoom in for you.
Aahhhhh yes, nothing like an early morning run in the snow. 
Here I am Gize. Thanks for the romp. I feel so good.
I hope you all have blue skies and a good romp this week too. HAW.