Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ivory Gull

Gary and made a mad dash to Quincy, Il to see an Ivory Gull that had been sighted there. When we left home the sun was shining and the world looked beautiful. As we traveled west the clouds began to overtake the area. By the time we got a few miles from Quincy the snow began to fly. We wondered if our start to the year was going to be a big strike out since visibility wasn't good and with the snow would the gull fly.

Above is a spread of sketches I did from the pictures Gary took. 
The Ivory Gull was most cooperative. We didn't have to wait long for the gull to come in to the ice right in front of where we were parked. It took a dip in a small opening of the ice and proceeded to preen. 
A successful chase for a life bird is a fabulous way to begin a birding year.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

White Ibis - Juvenile

A friend of ours, Evan Speck, took a picture of an immature White Ibis and posted it on FB on Indiana Birds. It is a great photo. I liked it so much I had to draw it. If you look at the two pictures he posted you will see in the second photo only one antennae sticking out of the bird's bill. Fab photos. I am often inspired by his photos. Thanks Evan for letting me paint from your photos.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding Journal

My Daughter is getting married next month.  I was trying to think of something special to do for her (them). They are of an age that they don't need or want any thing really. This wedding journal is what I have come up with.  She and her fiance are eloping to Key West, Fl for the tying of the knot. The good thing about this is that we are invited. 
The front and back of the journal is covered with paper that has sand on it. I thought that quite appropriate since they are having the ceremony on Smathers Beach.
Key West is a lively town. It has it's own seal.
We are staying in a nice (large) home that has it's own pool.
They have a few friends that will also join the entourage. They are quite the partiers so I am sure most of the hot pubs will be explored.
There will no doubt be a bit of sightseeing. At least on our part.
I have made tags for family and friends to send a greeting to them while they are in FL. I haven't received them all back to put into the book. But you can get the idea of what I have going for them.
Her ring is gorgeous. She can hardly wait to wear it. Those of you  that are married can surely remember that feeling of anticipation. I found a beautiful scripture that I thought appropriate (top right on the ring page) and a poem about love (on lower right) written by Maya Angelou.
I made another pocket for more tags, receipts, or what ever they want keep in it. 
I saw this quote on Pinterist and borrowed it. 
I must say I got a little syrupy on one page. Can't help myself. 
I did an acrostic poem with their ( her soon to be) last name.
Since the Officiant mentioned that her powers were official by the Conch Republic I also did a painting based on The Conch Republic seal.
I printed the vows on cloud paper and pasted them into the book. 
The painting on the right below is of the beach where they will be married.
Then I tried to think of some fun things that we might do while there. Like snorkeling, 
Watching sunsets. 
And hoping that they live happily ever after.
Don't worry, she never looks at my artsy blog. It will be a nice surprise. So if you have been wondering where I have been I have been home working quite a bit on this book. It usually takes me forever to fill one of these books. It feels like I have been working on it forever too. ha... Now I can relax and enjoy spring. If it ever gets here.

OOPS.... I forgot to add the beads to the side of the Journal. Here they are attached. 
The little glass vial at the end of the brown beads is a receptical for some of the sand from the beach where they will marry. Geez, now if I can remember to put some in it.
I am telling you for not having to do much but order flowers for the event I am a bit scattered. ha... Is it finished now?  I certainly hope so.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Animal Wednesday - Parrot and Woodpecker

Yes, I have been a bit busy lately. I have done a few sketches. This one is a Lilac-crowned Parrot done on a card for a fellow blogger, Lilac Lamb, that has befallen an accident. She should have it by now so that is why I am posting. I hope she feels better even though it is going to take time for her to fully recover. 
The image below is something that stuck in my head and I couldn't get it out unless I sketched it. We were driving into the park where we walk Annie and I saw a red-bellied woodpecker fly onto a tree branch. I put up my bins and saw this face looking back at me from a dark hole in the tree. It was so cute. 
Have you had any wildlife encounters lately?  Happy Animal Wednesday.