Monday, July 7, 2008

Cactus Monday

This is a try at painting my night blooming cereus cactus. It is a younger one. Actually it is several years old but has died back almost to the gravel, then reemerged. It bloomed with one blossom last summer. I missed the opening because of where it was sitting for the summer. This summer I placed it where I will see it every day. I don't want to miss one of its glorious blooms. Happy Cactus Monday from rainy SW IN.


Teri C said...

You surely don't want to miss it is right. I have only seen one in AZ and had not even thought of potting one up for Wisconsin. You are so clever.

Love the sketch!

Happy Cactus Monday! So glad you joined us.

Forever Young said...

It looks really real. Happy cactus monday fellow cactuteer.

beckie said...

Lisa, I like your vision of the cactus, especially the beautiful southwestern looking pot. I'm glad it is growing for you again. Wonder if that is what it does in nature?