Sunday, April 6, 2008


For this week, ONE SINGLE IMPRESSION prompt of Stranded.

Flying to high ground

white flag of surrender

stranded by flood water

Stranded on high ground

Concerned faces watch

No place to retreat


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I looked at the first photo in large version and I was thrilled: I thought that was such a happy deer. But the 2nd photo and your poetry. I hope they are safe. I feel their anxiety in your poems.

kate smudges said...

Those poor deer -they must be confused and upset. All the water and few places even for the turtles to rest. I like this blog, Lisa ... I like your gardening blog too, but I enjoy coming here and seeing your creativity with words, images and in paint.

Anonymous said...

Frightening and poignant. Great job.

Raven said...

Lovely poems... I hope the story has a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

I hope they all made it. Good poems and photography.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Everything and Everyone in this area is anxious Andree.

I am so glad you stopped by Kate.

Thank you Vixen

Hopefully the water will recede soon Raven.

Thank you Gardenpath. I hope they make it too.

beckie said...

Good use of the pictures you took
yesterday. Put with your poem, evokes feelings of indeed being in trouble.

Anonymous said...

You captured that!

collected clutters

qualcosa di bello said...

the anxiety that must be felt by wildlife in situations such as these is quite palpable.

Quiet Paths said...

Oh boy, this really says it all. I hope you all find dry land soon.

Tumblewords: said...

Great take on the prompt - poor animals -

WH said...

Very good haiku--both. Hope the deer are okay.

Teri said...

You have described their plight perfectly with these poignant haiku!!

Anonymous said...

Great shots and takes on stranded.

These remind me that any living creature can become stranded.

I hope if Mother Nature does not comply, that someone steps in to save them.

storyteller said...

hopefully waters
receded permitting the
deer to return 'home'

I’m late to visit because ‘life’ got in the way, but I did publish two ‘week 6’ posts for One Single Impression: Stranded ... one on each of my blogs on Wednesday of last week and I hope you’ll find time to visit. They’re here: Heliocopter Rescue and Polar Bears
Hugs and blessings,