Monday, September 8, 2008

Cactus Monday

This is a leaf of a night blooming cereus with a bud on it. I have been hoping to see one of these this summer. I believe the window of opportunity is about gone. I won't give up hope this year until frost though. Happy Cactus Monday to all the Cactuteers.


Julie said...

I like your bud on here! Have a happy day!!!

Teri said...

It amazes me that these will even grow in IN much less bloom. They are so gorgeous and the smell is so heavenly.

Nice job on that bud.

Happy Cactus Monday!

marianne said...

Hi Lisa
Happy cactus monday from a new cacuteer!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Thank you Julie.

Teri, I have to bring this cactus inside for winter. It grows quite well inside during winter and outside during summer.

Welcome to Cactus Monday Marianne. Maybe you can do a Cactus mandala.

soulbrush said...

i wish my 'senita' would blossom in some way or other...teri says once a year...but so far -nothing! happy cactue monday cactuteer.

studio lolo said...

This is lovely. And I agree...don't give up hope :)