Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Art Doll - Amen, Our Hearts Cry

When I was young I never wanted to play with dolls. My dear Mother would purchase one for me occasionally hoping it would take. It never did, until now. I have always admired art dolls. I have been facinated with them for ages. Some years ago I played with polymer clay and ended up making a couple of heads. Now what says I to self. Well, the heads sat around here for some years and one got broken. The other sat perched on a bottle for awhile. Then today a friend of mine who makes hats gave me a bag of her scraps. Oh Mz Muse was exhilarated.  My first art doll was born.
I found it difficult to take a picture of her tonight. You can't see all the details. There are a lot of meaningful things in/on her.  She has a blue heart.
On the back you can see the music that is in her heart. The song is Amen, Our Hearts Cry. She sort of looks sad to me. I am not sure why. This is why I chose this song. But she is beautifully dressed due to my friends generosity. This was fun. I can see more dolls in my future. Aren't Mothers always right??


Teri said...

Oh Lisa, she is a beautiful doll. Being so full of meaning makes her even more beautiful. I am proud of you!!!

Laure Ferlita said...

SO VERY COOL, Lisa!! I love all the "hidden" meanings in this! And yes, I can see Mz Muse was indeed quite thrilled!!

Lynn Cohen said...

I adore your doll. Yes, keep making them. She is beautiful. She has soul. I would love to hear more of her meaningfulness should you choose to share.
I love dolls, did then, do now.
Glad you are getting into this. What a gift.

Cheryl said...

Lisa, she is very knowing. I am touched, I know what has gone into making her........I love hidden meanings. I wonder how much of you is in the doll??

She does look sad, she looks as though her path has been a difficult one? She also has great wisdom.

I love following Artsy Endeavours......your journey with your artwork is so interesting. I love watching you grow and sharing all your creations with us.

Thank you.

studio lolo said...

You and I are a lot alike. I never played with dolls either. Not baby dolls nor Barbie dolls. And when I was finally over the doll stage/age anyway we could finally afford Skipper and Midge and Allen (but not Barbie or Ken!)

And now I find myself drooling over art dolls and wanting to make a raven family. You are inspiring me!
See? one muse is lost and then I see you've found yours. yay! It's so nice being here for one another.
She's beautiful by the way. And to me she doesn't appear sad. I'd say she's quite pleased with her start in life ;)


Julie said...

This is one of the coolest dolls I've ever seen! Her body is so unique, and the music, heart and beads, etc. The way you joind her all together and just everything!!! I love how she came entirely out of your imagination! That is the best part. Because of that, you can see things that are all about, a big heart, and music and artful expression! I knew there were many reasons why so many people love you!!!
xoxo=- Julie

steviewren said...

Lisa, you've found a new avenue for your creativity! She looks like she is full of heart and soul. I bet she's waiting for a friend to join her.

Katiejane said...

Oh, I love her!! I love art dolls too, and I loved playing with dolls as a kid. This one is adorable. I think she looks like she knows a secret and won't tell you what it is. Maybe her secret is all her silent meanings.

ArtPropelled said...

She is charming! Perhaps she is sad because she needs a tribe :-)

marianne said...

What a wonderful doll Lisa
What makes her special is all those things inside and the music!
Haha all we girls are playing with dolls lately.....;)

christine said...

This doll is so creatively done! She really does have a vivid personality. I think you have struck a really neat way to make dolls. Please do more! Epic! as our kids say. :)

Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous creation! I love thing made of found treasures, and your art doll is so unique. She does indeed have a personality, and I think the title is perfect. Beautiful work, Lisa.

yoon see said...

Your beautiful doll is sending her love to us. I love her little gesture, from her cloth and details.

Her gems is hidden in you Lisa, you have given character and value to her. Thank you for you have a big heart!

SandyCarlson said...

Your doll is full of personality. I love 'er!

I have always been a fan of dolls I think because my beloved Gram was a big fan. It had to be good. I love the way they speak or us so often.

"JeanneG" said...

My mom and aunt gave me dolls until I was a freshman. That year they gave me 4 as they knew it would be the last time. I'm glad you are finally enjoying them. I want one of those real life ones now. (Second childhood I guess)