Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bloomin Tuesday - Garden Journal

This is a stretch in several different ways. First of all
Blooming Tuesday. As you can see there are no blooms
in this drawing but it is the front page of my Garden
Journal for this year. I have used this type of sketchbook
for my Garden Journal for the last ten years. It works
well for me. I do the front page different every year.

As you can see I have done a couple of poems in the
Acrostic style, sort of. I am not really sure this is a
pure acrostic because I have never tried doing them
until now. This sort of just came over me. Don't
you just love it when that happens?

I wish everyone a Happy Blooming Tuesday.

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Teri said...

It is beautiful Lisa!!! I love the design of it and the words. It would be interesting to see some covers from other years.


BT said...

Wow, that's lovely Lisa. We scribble down bits and pieces in a 5 year diary but because I blog so much of my gardening, we're not too good at keeping the written one up to date. I agree with Teri, I'd love to see your previous ones. Happy New Year to you Lisa. xxx

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I have meant to keep a garden journal ever since we moved here but I never seem to do it. So much is piled in a bag that makes no sense now. Is it to late to begin? LOL I am so not organized but I do like to dream. Loved what you said on your other Garden blog. Where does the name GREENBOW come from?

Julie said...

They are so beautiful, Lisa! It is magic, for sure!

studio lolo said...

well yes, I do love it!
It will be fun to watch it get filled :)

steviewren said...

That's a lovely acrostic, Lisa. Do you make notes in your journals or just sketches...or a combo effect?

SandyCarlson said...

Happy Tuesday to you. God bless you and your garden. Thank you for blessing us.

marianne said...

It looks wonderful Lisa!
Let Spring begin and the wonder of the garden, a small replica of nature.
can't wait!!!!
And please show us your pages later;)

Have a nice day!

Katiejane said...

I love this! I have toyed with the idea of keeping a garden journal over the years, but I simply stick things into the ground, willy-nilly. If it grows, fine. If not, oh well. This is a very clever cover and I will be interested to see your future pages. Can't wait to see your garden start to sprout, too. Won't be too much longer.

Julie said...

I came back to re-visit your garden journal. I had forgotten this neat cover you had done!!!