Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Way back in February Cris showed us a picture of a project she was doing with Con's help. When she showed the finished product here I immediately fell in love with her project. She very graciously sent me the pattern for her Rabbit Sign design.

I am sorry to say that I have been so slow as I started working on it in April. Life just took me down a road I never intended to go. I can finally show you how I did a sign using her pattern with her inspiration.

I first taped the pattern to a piece of ply wood and traced around it.
Then I got out the little saber saw and cut out the pattern. Sanded it down etc to ready it for painting. 
Here it is all painted.
This is how it looks in place. 
I can't thank Cris enough for sharing her creation, the tips on painting etc. I think it looks cute sitting here in the garden at the end of a path showing people where to go in the garden. This is the best sort of rabbit to have in the garden too. It doesn't eat your flowers or dig holes. I hope you all have a happy Animal Wednesday.


Teri said...

It's adorable and perfect for your yard.
So gracious of Cris and Con to share.


marianne said...

The sign turned out lovely!
I also loved Chris'sign then.
Enjoy your garden and the summer

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I love your version too!! I love how someone can take something like this and make it their own creation. Your Welcome and Thanks for sharing this. Con is onto making other cut outs now. I will show another cute one on Friday.

Katiejane said...

Lisa this is adorable! I love your color choices and you did a fantastic job with it. So nice of Cris to share with you, but isn't that just how she is?

Julie said...

How pretty! Such a great project! I just found a saw like that, and it works! I need to give it a go one day!!!

Cowgirl Red said...

it's more than cute! I am so impressed that you can use a saw!!!! Terah

Robin said...

Lisa...this is beyond PRECIOUS! As everyone commented, how like Cris and Con to be so generous with their *how to's*..... isn't is great to have such fantastic friends!!!

Your Bunny Sign brings a smile to the face too.....leading the way to the *Magical Land of
Greenbow *...where Luna and Lisa live!


♥ Robin ♥

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
You have so much talent!
I have never been released on power tools.
Nice to have some flowers too.

SandyCarlson said...

That is just delightful, Lisa! Perfect for your garden.

ArtPropelled said...

A lovely surprise in the garden. You must be thrilled with it!

Lynn Cohen said...

What an adorable job you did on this. Having seen Cris and Cons garden art in person I know how sweet this looks in your garden. Love the use of your name on the sign. So cute. Enjoy!

PAK ART said...

It looks great in your yard! I've seen the one Chris did on her site but haven't been around to visit for awhile so I missed this post. Your bunny is perfect!