Monday, September 3, 2012

Amanda Shelsher Sculptures

Happy Labor Day to all of you worker bees. This weekend we here in the United States celebrate all of those workers that came ahead of us. Blazing a trail to give us good working conditions and decent wages. For the most part it works for us.

I have used some extra time off to read blogs that I don't get to dwell on. Robyn at Art Propelled is one of my favorites. Not just because she is a wonderful sculptor but because when she isn't sharing her works she shares the work of people that inspire her. These other art forms run the gamut of art works.

Here I stumbled upon the work of Amanda Shelsher. She is a sculptor that lives and works in Australia. I know I could never afford her work but it moves me so that I had to try to draw some of her pieces.
You can pop over to her web site and see some of her work.

Obviously Teri at Teri's Painted Daisies is also a strong influence on my choice of medium. (Sorry Teri no cactus this Monday)
I hope everyone had a nice long weekend.


ArtPropelled said...

Thanks for the kind words Lisa. Amanda's work moves me too. Your drawing in my sidebar immediately caught my attention.

Teri said...

Your sketches are just wonderful Lisa! Always so good to see your art. With these beauties, who needs CM. lol
Thanks for the kind words. Going over to see those sites. Sounds intriguing.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Great job on these. Will go check out her work too. I see Bird themes. :))
Word veri isnt letting me in.. done this three times now...see if it goes now..

soulbrush said...

Very much of an African feel to these- am going to pop over there right

Q said...

Very cool!
I am enjoying the break from watering!

Julie said...

Well, this is some very interesting art work!!! Love the birdy one best.
xoxo- Julie

Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely drawings's fun to be inspired by other artists works.
You did well. And thanks for your sharing too.

marianne said...

Wonderful links Lisa!
I forwarded the last one to a friend of mine who makes ceramic sculptures as well. I think she will love it!
Your drawings are good I like the last one the best
Have a good week

Katiejane said...

These are good drawings. I like to read Robin's blog from time to time also. It's always so interesting.