Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Animal Wednesday - Eastern Box Turtle

One doesn't normally get to see box turtles during winter. I was at Wesselman Park in Evansville, Indiana today to take part in a program called Master Naturalist. The most fun of the session was when they got out several Eastern Box Turtles. 
 These Box Turtles are ones that people have had as pets. Some had deformed shells and other oddities. Box turtles are easy to capture. They can't get away from humans and when humans are out and about in a wooded area they often find them, take them home and then unfortunately they die because they need a varied natural diet, sunlight etc.  I guess these are the lucky (?) ones. They have come to live at the park.
 One of the males took a fancy to one of the females. He pursued her all around the floor within the circle that the group made with chairs.
 Unfortunately it is against the law in Indiana to even have Box Turtles without a license let alone let them breed. Needless to say this fellow was quickly persuaded to go a different route.
Happy Animal Wednesday.


Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Wow.. that's a great job Lisa. Looks so real. Fun to see Turtles in person.

Teri said...

What a fun turtle experience and fab sketch of the turtle!!

Mim said...

wonderful - but why can't they breed?

Robin said...

Love the sketch! He looks so real...but oooh-la-la--- the *Turtle L♥vers*.....Mon Dieu! Wonderful shots! I echo Mim...why can't they breed?



♥ Robin

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The reasoning behind not letting responsible people breed these turtles is that the DNR doesn't want these turtles taken from the wild and/or people turning loose captive turtles to die in the wild. They don't adapt back into the wild very well. They don't adapt in to captivity easily either. Most taken from the wild die or are maimed or disfigured by their captors.

Julie said...

that snake looks 3D!!!! awesome!

studio lolo said...

Julie, what snake????

Wonderful detailed drawing, Lisa! I hate seeing these guys in captivity.

We see lots of exotics and reptiles at our practice who are ill because they're not in their natural environment. Why do we feel the need to capture them??

Thanks for the great post :)

Geraldine said...

How cool is that. I LOVE turtles, all kinds.

I'm testing the waters with a new prompt blog idea:

Hope you'll stop in soon Lisa.

SandyCarlson said...

Turtles are lovely and lovable. It makes me sad when people take them in as if there were collectible toys.

verobirdie said...

Love the head you sketched.

Margaret Ann said...

A striking painting Lisa...Incredible depth of color! :)

Unknown said...

little messyfish loves turtles. I love your watercolour!