Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Old Cemetery

While we were out in the country this weekend doing the Knox County Christmas Bird Count we came upon this old cemetery up on a knoll. I find old cemeteries intersting. We often find small cemeteries here and there. The old tombstones are often cockeyed and people don't always take care of them when the cemeteries are old. I often wonder what has happened to the people's families that are interned in these old cemeteries.

Now I don't want to make anyone gloomy but I just had to try to capture the gray day and the lonesome feeling that these places give me sometimes. Maybe because my Grandparents lived by a cemetery years ago and I played amongst the tombstones so they don't bother me. Actually they remind me of my Grandparents who are no longer alive. They remind me that I had to get home before dark when we visited or I had to walk through the cemetery in the dark. I didn't like that.

Thanks for strolling down memory lane with me. I hope I didn't creep out anyone. My DB was asking why I would paint such a picture. Difficult to say.


Teri said...

You have accomplished your goal. It is gloomy but you captured a bit of history and that is beautiful.

stapeliad said...

OOH I love it. I also really love old cemeteries, especially the realllly old ones that have so much history. I like thinking about the people who lived and died, their lives, the people around them, and how the world was so very different in the exact same location.

marianne said...

What a nice post!
I love cemeteries! Kind of strange...... but it is like that.
I´m always fascinated when our bus drives past the cemetery just outside NY. It is so immense! So much history, stories, misteries...... Yes inspiring!
Thank you for taking me there!
You have catched the cemetery feeling very good.

Margaret Ann said...

There is a certain wintery calm serenity feel to this...nice job! :)

Mim said...

I also love old cemeteries - I make up stories about the families that are buried together, especially the husbands with two or more wives buried alongside

soulbrush said...

not at all gloomy for me, i too like old cemetries, we have some quiet and tranquil ones here.