Thursday, January 1, 2009

Word of Inspiration

After reading Teri's inspirational post this morning I have been mulling over this New Year's beginning. Actually I have read so many art blogs today my head is verily reeling with inspiration. I want to thank all of you for sharing what seems to be second nature to you.

Teri guided us to Leah's web site called " Creative Every Day". This must have been the button I needed to push to get my creative juices flowing again since I have had this cold. This is just the kick start my creative year needed. Leah has urged us to choose a word that would be our inspiration for the year. The word I chose was VERVE.
I love this word. It seems to express the excitement I feel when I begin every creative project I attempt.

While this doodle I did this evening seems a bit busy, well, it reflects how my mind was working. All of the drawing is of some symbolism to me. This year I hope to glide through the river of change that each year brings. Not forgetting the excitement of fire works that I begin the year with. There is a creative fire that is burning in me that nature fuels.

I already feel so successful with finishing my first sketchbook. For those of you that have closets full of filled sketchbooks you must remember how you felt when you filled your first one. I feel so energized by you artists with your filled sketchbooks. Your generous encouragement is certainly felt here at Artsy Endeavors. I will be here this year experimenting, growing and feeding that verve that I so enjoy. Thank you for being with me on this journey. Welcome 2009.


Teri said...

Lisa, that is a fabulous word!! I can feel your excitment and energy in your words and sketch. It is the free-est sketch I have seen you do.

So happy I played a small part in your creative endeavors. I know you will have a fabulous year.

And, I may have lots of sketchbooks but I feel the same way everytime I finish one. And the best part is when you look back in a few years and see how your art has changed and grown!!

Happy 2009 to you!

MuseSwings said...

Good luck with your artsy endeavors this new year! Check out Stevie Wren's "sketch book" at

Margaret Ann said...

"Verve"...What a fabulous word...I even love the sound of it!

This sketch just explodes with excitement! Feel the flow...and Play! Love it! :)

SandyCarlson said...

I love watching your art unfold! Happy New Year!

stapeliad said...

I always feel sad finishing sketchbooks, because I get so comfortable working in them and they beome friends in their own right. And when they are done I can't carry them around anymore. Congrats on finishing yours!

The art every day thing is a fabulous way to kickstart you into your creative journey- I can't wait to see what you do. Hugs!

marianne said...

Yeah! Verve!
I like this drawing! Colorful and happy! And full of energy!
I hope your new year will be like that!

SandyCarlson said...

Verve is the word! I like that drawing very much. It speaks of freedom and imagination.

soulbrush said...

verve, now that word makes me exhausted just reading it!you go girl go, and i'll be right behind you ha glad we met in cactuteerland. xx

yoon see said...

Yeah, happy to know you last year 2008 and I can drop by to read your interesting post.
Happy New Year 2009!