Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Animal Wednesday-Red-bellied Woodpecker

I know that before we actually depart on our vacation you are all going to get sick of hearing about the impending trip. I just can't hardly wait. Even though it is more than two weeks before we depart. Happy Animal Wednesday.

Yes, on the front of the book in the picture is a Red-bellied Woodpecker. You can enlarge the photo to see it better. No it isn't an exotic bird but I hope to see some more unusual birds when we are in the Rio Grande Valley of TX. I mentally packed Monday. Made my list. I will be checking it from time to time. Adding, subtracting to the list of "needs". I won't be hampered by space restrictions of flying because we will be driving. A long drive no doubt but I won't mind. We found that your Guide book was ancient. We obviously haven't been down there in a few years. We will have to get a new one. That is ok. It is part of the anticipation of the trip. New books, new clothes, new journals, new paints, new pencils, new pens...


Mim said...

You're up early! thanks for the comments on the funny fish - I love drawing fish, something about that elongated shape.
Your upcoming trip sounds great and you'll see LOTS of animals to draw and bring images back to your bloggy friends.
HAW and happy trails.

soulbrush said...

wow that was quick. thanks so much, and where are you off to? you can talk about it as much as you like, the anticipayion is so very important in holidays!HAW.

ArtistUnplugged said...

The anticipation is some of the best part of the trip! Love your sketch today and yesterday's bloomin' flower was really nice!

Teri said...

Your trip sounds so fabulous that by the time you go we will ALL be excited! Going on a birding trip is something I have always wanted to do but DH doesn't get it.

I hope you are putting all your 'anticipatory' sketches in the same book you are taking for sketches. It's all part of the experieince.


Margaret Ann said...

OOOOH How fun...adding new art supplies for the trip is the best...What fun you will have!!!...and what a treat it will be to see your sketches!!!...PLUS...NO SNOW!!!!!!! :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Mim, Yes, I get up early most days.

Hi Soulbrush. We are going to the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas. You will hear more about this area.

AU, I agree that a lot of the fun of the trip is the anticipation.

Teri, I am glad you urged me to put my anticipatory sketches into the travel journal. I will do so from now on. This type of journaling is new to me. I am enjoying it so.

Margaret, I am soooo looking forward to being a mite too warm again. Sun bloc is on the list.

soulbrush said...

allo allo and congrats lisa, you've won an african tea towel on my giveaway. and i have your address, as i am sending you that giggle too. yipppeeeeeee.

SandyCarlson said...

Great drawing, Lisa. It made me feel nostagic, recalling an uncle who used to delight in such books and his binoculars. You brought back some happiness!

marianne said...

Hi Lisa
I see you are going on a holiday in Texas! Hope you will have a wonderful time and see lots of exotic birds!
For me the red bellied woodpecker is special. He is sometimes in our garden. Here we have a lot of dull colored birds, I gues it has to do with the climate we live in.......
I enjoy them very much although and have made a special feeding place for them on a pole and provide them fresh water.
I can watch them from my kitchen window.
Have a wonderful holiday!!!!!
hug >M<
Lovely drawing btw!