Saturday, February 7, 2009

Creative Every Day

My Creative bent went off in a different direction yesterday. My DB needed some bookcases in specific sizes. So instead of just making do with some store bought that wouldn't fit his office space as it is arranged we made a couple of bookcases to his specifications. Now all he has to do is stain them.

He was the engineer. He drew up what he wanted, did the hunting and gathering. I was in charge of putting them together. You see, I made cabinets for years. So this wasn't much of a stretch. I just hadn't done any work like this in some time. It was sort of fun. I hope you all have fun this weekend.


yoon see said...

Lisa, you have fun and enjoy you week too.
Lovely project (co-ordination) to put together this cabinet.
I guess we all need more cabinets, that will be more organised!
My grandfather and uncle were good carpenters. I used to be an Interior Designer, I too made cabinet but the small scale model only...He..He..

Teri said...

There is just no end to your talent and YOU making these wonderful cabinets is totally opposite of the usual. Show us what else you have made.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

YS, these are definitely to help DB organize his office. It is a train wreck as is.

Teri, I worked for a hospital for 20+years. My cabinet work is there. I would have to take you on a walking tour of the hospital. Ha. Things change so much there that they have probably been torn out and redone. That was our job security.

I don't have tools here to work with to do much of anything. I guess I just did so much building I don't have the drive to do it like I used to.

I did make a mantel for my friends fireplace a few years ago. I also bult a wall and a closet, installed a couple of doors, for her.

I am so out of shape now it is a struggle. Ha... I need to work on that.

soulbrush said...

wow learning something new about you every day. what craftsmanship. thanks for proper address tee hee. hugs

ArtistUnplugged said...

Very nice, best way to get just what you want is to make it yourself!

Mim said...

I am SO impresses

SandyCarlson said...

He did a great job. That looks like a wonderful piece.

Julie said...

You made cabinets in a hospital??? WOW! That is really something! I am amazed at all you can do! How awesome is this??? I am the worst cabinet putter-together!!! I punch holes through the opposite side of the nails, etc!!! OMG!