Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blogging Blessings

Today is Sunday. This is the day of the week that I try to take time and rest. This Sunday is especially appreciated because I have had a l-o-n-g week. Far too much going on. So I am trying my best to get caught up. Which brings me to my knees in thanks for all of the wonderful ATCs I have accumulated over the past week or so.

Imagine my surprise when I started going through my work table, cleaning it off. Looking through evelopes and finding Sjimmie loafing at the bottom of the envelop. Lying there quietly just waiting for me to find him. I am so sorry Marianne that I didn't find him when I originally opened the envelope from you. Thank you so much for the sweet bookmark. You know I collect bookmarks and nothing makes me happier than getting one specially made from you. Amongst my other envelops I found Teri's "D" ATC. It was in a card with her mosaic cactus on the front and a Birdie card (I forget what they are called) in with it.Not only that but a big MEOW Thank You for this trade ATC.
While I am feeling all Queenly as this sweet "B" Bird ATC is from Linda.
Linda's generous heart and attention to detail is expressed here with all the Birdie items that came along with the "B" ATC. So many thanks here.
Laure's "A" arrived this week. No need to apologize for the delay in sending this beauty Laure, it was worth waiting for.
All the way from Gina in Ireland a most wonderful "C" ATC of a Cat that has been framed most beautifully.
This Cat arrived in a hand made card and there were sparkles in the envelope that made all seem so much more special. Is that possible?? Just wonderful Gina.
I just can't thank you all enough for making my l-o-n-g week seem less stressed. I can look upon these mini works of art and all the special touches that came along with them and not dread this following week that begins with us going out of town for a funeral. They make me realize I have so many blessings. Thank you again and again.


Lynn Cohen said...

You have indeed received many beautiful well thought out and made ATCs. I too love getting theses in the mail these days. Such fun.
Sorry there has been a loss for you. May this time pass smoothly.

soulbrush said...

what a lot of blesssed gifts. makes up for it all. enjoy them, and hope the funeral goes okay for you.

SandyCarlson said...

There are so many wonderful works reflecting some great personalities here. Thanks for sharing these.

Margaret Ann said...

Your little ABCATC group os having waaaaay too much fun!!! Good for you! What a great stack of cards!!!

Thoughts are with you this next week...

When you have some time to relax this next week email me your land addy...Pretty please...:)

Julie said...

What a bunch of gorgeous ATC's and cards and other stuff!!! YEAH! It is so fun getting mail goodies, eh? So sorry to hear about the upcoming funeral. I am sorry for your loss, Lisa! Take care...hope this week will shape up to be better!
xoxo- Julie

ArtistUnplugged said...

Indeed you have been blessed with some lovely treasures. I hope your week is less stressed than you think and that you find some peaceful moments.

steviewren said...

I hope you are feeling more rested today. Isn't it fun to trade cards? I love receiving trinkets in the mail. You definitely had a blessing of mail last week.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
These are all so charming!
You have made some very dear friends.

BT said...

Wow, what a lovely haul of artwork you have collected. They ATCs are lovely and I'm so glad you liked your C for Cat. What a group we have joined, it's so much fun and everyone is talented in a different way. I hope the funeral isn't too traumatic.