Friday, July 3, 2009

Fablous Friday

For those of you thinking this would be a Skywatch Friday post you will have to click here to see what I posted about the skies in our area. Here this evening you get to see my fablous treasures that came in the mail this week. The first group is from the incomparable Teri C. She is so thoughtful and has sent ATCs of things I adore. The Eminent Maven of Mandalas, Marianne, sent me this gorgeous "G" goldfish and a bonus of 'Nature's Eye'. Both were neatly packaged in this sweet little pink bag with crystals along with a postcard of the work of Gustav Klimt. These things certainly made my day. Many thank yous to you lovely generous ladies.


yoon see said...

These are so fine and beautiful.
Ways to make to smile.
And your fablous friday has uplifted me so high here.
Thanks Lisa!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

They are all lovely. How fun to see these showing up on others blogs. Enjoy.

soulbrush said...

what beauties. we are all just so clever and so inventive and so smart and so arty, don't you agree???

soulbrush said...

tee hee as i was writing that, the postman knocked twice with two gorgeous, smart, arty atcs from you! love em. will e mail you anon. happy july 4th

Teri said...

How fun to see these on your blog. I know those inchies are so small, they are easy to miss. It's Soul's influence that made me do it. But I am having fun with them.

Mariannes are always so wonderful.

Happy 4th Lisa.

kj said...

hello lisa, it's nice to visit you and to be in the company of so many fabulous women. i can't believe how exciting all these collective mailboxes must feel! i've gotten my share of sweet little gifts and everytime i'm just loving it!

have a fine weekend.

SandyCarlson said...

I love the way the real, tactile world of art intersects with the blogosphere on your site. It's always exciting to be here.

Margaret Ann said...

What a beautiful artistic community of friends...each piece a joy and filled with love! :)

PAK ART said...

I've just recently joined this artsy world and have been so blessed by seeing everyone's art and the encouragement that goes back and forth. I love it!

marianne said...

I am glad you liked the ATC's
I got yours and Teri's on the same day!
It is so much fun to get this mail from abroad with this wonderful content!
Eminent Maven of Mandalas...........:) I like that.....makes me smile!

Have anice Sunday!

Julie said...

Gorgeous little peices of artwork...I think I really like Klimt as daughter introduced his work to me when she was taking an art class in college.

BT said...

Isn't it fantastic to get such treasures in the post? These are all so lovely too. Lucky girl