Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Animal Wednesday - Kitty

I am trying to get a sketch made for my daughter. She is turning 40 next month. Can you believe it?  Neither can I. She has asked me to paint something for her. I can never bring myself to do it. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Who knows why I can't seem to get it going, until now. 
This sketch reflects some of my thoughts. Not that actual painting. ha... Lets hope I can do a little better than this. This shows that I can't take my mind off the painting for too long. 
Happy Animal Wednesday.


Cris, Oregon Artist said...

I have the same problem Lisa, I cant seem to paint something for someone else without agonizing over it. but paint something I like and others like then fine. I am sure it will come out wonderfully. I like your sketch. Isn't it amazing how kids end up getting older then their parents??? LOL

SandyCarlson said...

Fear not! I think your daughter's request is a beautiful expression of love and respect for what you do. Have fun!

Teri said...

You can do it Lisa!! But I hear you on actually doing a request...I can't either. I painted my daughter's cat after it died because I knew it would mean a lot to her. Arn't we funny with these thoughts. But I have faith in you and be sure to show us the finished results!!


Mim said...

a request is hard to do. but keep working on it, and I know you'll do a great job

Lynn Cohen said...

I bet she loves this cat! Yes, I know what you mean! My kids are now older than me at 45 and soon to be 50!

I saw your comment on Cris' blog about doing Somewhere to Sketch. If you haven't already give Ann or I your email and we will send you an artist in invitation so you can have access to the blog to post your drawings there! So excited you want to join in the fun!

Ps and your daughter ASKED for a painting, there's no rejection there!! Happy birthday, mom.

Julie said...

I'm glad you have moved forward with making her something!!! Very cool!!! I am amazed at how old my kids are too! How'd it happen??? Crap.
xoxo- Julie