Sunday, August 11, 2013

PGA Golf

I have been working at this page for several days. My DB and I like to watch the golf matches on tv. This was the last match of the season which brings me to the finish of this page. I was fascinated by all the advertisement that the players wore. They are walking billboards.
Did you have something interesting to watch on tv this weekend? 


Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Fun page. Nope there was nothing on I wanted to watch. TV has gotten so boring. 200 something stations and nothing to watch. arrgh. lol We did pass by golf now and then neither of us are into sports.

Teri said...

Very fun page Lisa. I agree about all the ads but they seem to be everywhere.
I am loving basball this year even though the Brewers have a big losing streak going on and he of course loves golf so we switch back and forth when they are both on.

Robin said...

Hi Lisa! I am a HUGE Baseball Fan... (really - a Jock)! This year, my team, the Atlanta Braves, are having their best season in many a year...and I am lovin' it. (Sorry Teri..) However, I do like golf and if I am home, I will often watch some of the PGA Tournaments.... (loved Mickelson's winning the British Open)! As for tv this weekend....last night was the opening of the final season of my adored programme: *Breaking Bad*! You wouldn't think that me - the lover of Swans and all things beautiful would enjoy a programme about Drug Dealers...but, a-ha-ha - I do! (Guess we all have many facets to our personalities!)


♥ Robin ♥

SandyCarlson said...

Well, how cool! I love the way you capture the goodness of life through your journal.

soulbrush said...

Not a sports watcher here- hubby likes the cricket, but I do love baseball- we just don't get it here. Love all the stuff you're doing. Keep it up.

yoon see said...

Good sketch and I can agree with you how cool it is!

I never ever go a chance to watch TV but I try to balance my day with work and play:)