Sunday, December 14, 2008

December Xmas Ornament 14

As Sunday has always been my Dearly Beloveds and my "date day" I thought the ornament I'm using for this sunday would be most appropriate. It is the ornament we bought when we got married in Yosemite National Park. It has a picture of Half Dome hand painted on it. It was one of the few items one could purchase during the time of year we were there. We were there during the lull in the masses of people that go there. The gift shops were nearly empty as was the park. We felt that we had the park to ourselves most of the time. Especially when we were hiking and birding in the not so used portions of the park.

We stayed in the park at a B&B called The Peregrine. It was so romantic. It had a fireplace in our room... One night that we were there Bailey, the Mastiff that lived there, started barking his head off. There was a bear on the balcony off the dining room. The bear took off not wanting to tangle with the dog that probably looked like a bear to it only he definitely didn't sound like a bear... We also had our own private balcony overlooking the side of the mountain that the B&B was perched on. We often buy ornaments on our trips. Sorry I dragged you down memory lane with me. Did I mention that this trip was so romantic???


marianne said...

Wonderful story Lisa!
How romantic ! And exciting with the bear story! A fireplace in the bedroom........that´s romantic!
Your painting is lovely I love what you did with the branch there, so well done.
have a nice sunday!

Teri C said...

So is it anniversary time also?

Beautiful story and so romantic! And another wonderfu ornament.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Thank you Marianne.

Teri, our anniversary is in October so it is past. I just get all sentimental looking at this ornament. Actually a lot of our ornaments have sentimental meanings. This one of course it one of the best.

Margaret Ann said...

I love going to famous places off season...There is something very special about that...It is so neat when a simple ornament brings back a flood of memories...Great beauty in remembering the past! :)