Friday, December 26, 2008

Doggie Thursday

Since this is doggie Thursday I thought I would post the picture I painted on a card of thanks for a friend. She turned 81 the other day. She and her Sister had a big cocktail party to celebrate and asked people to bring a donation for the local Pet Shelter instead of gifts for them. You can imagine howdelighted the shelter must have been when they walked in with an envelope containing nearly $900. Whooooo hoooo... and we had such a good time.
This little doggie is hers. I forget the specific breed but his name is Moochie. Most of you dog owners know the reason why.


Teri C said...

Oh my gosh Lisa, this is absolutely fabulous!! Just fabulous!

Happy day for the Animal shelter.

Margaret Ann said...

What an awesome idea...what a bountiful gift! :)

SandyCarlson said...

What a great way to celebrate. I like parties in which people pay it forward by giving to others. It's very nice.

That's a wonderful card.

May your friend enjoy the coming year.

marianne said...

What a beautiful post!
Love the idea of asking something for someone else, in this case a shelter! They must have been thrilled! They can do so much with this money!
The painting is fantastic!
I think it is a Shih Tzu! Like my dogs and the one Soulbrush has!
Before these 2 dogs I have now I had a Shih Tzu in exactly this color. Your friend must have been very happy with this card!

Julie said...

Fantastic!!! I will do this on my next birthday!!! Beautiful painting, Lisa!

verobirdie said...

Great idea for the gifts!
And Moochie is so cute...

yoon see said...

Yeah, do agree here. So real, cute and adorable.
Thanks, it's indeed so beautiful!

Stapeliad said...

Oh wow this is gorgeous! I love the've captured it so perfectly!


soulbrush said...

aaaaaawwww yes i think it's a shih tsu too...beeeoootifool. and moochie, perfect name. happy cactus monday cactuteer and get yourself well soon, before 2009 i hope! xx

studio lolo said...

I agree it's a Shih Tzu!! I had one for 15 years and guess what...his name was Mooshie!! Very similar :)
You did a great job on him, and how wonderful for the shelter to get such a gift!