Thursday, December 18, 2008

December Xmas Ornament 18

I found some good (?) black paper to try. I have several white ornaments so I thought this would be a good firest try. It is easy towork with but the colored pencil sluffs stick to the paper. If I was doing something I wanted to have for long or give away, I would have to be much more careful.

This ornament is a carved Santa. It has a few sparkles on it too that I didn't portray. I hope you are all well and happy.


Julie said...

Oh...this one is really NICE!!! Is it too late to add a few sparkles???? He would really be spectacular!!!!

Teri C said...

Just wonderful!! That black paper makes it just jump out and say hi!

Margaret Ann said...

Thisone is fantastic...What a wonderful sketchbook collection you are be able to peek at the whole year through! :)

marianne said...

He I missed to comment on a few
These on black paper are very nice!
Black paper does magic