Friday, August 14, 2009

Football Season

We had fun this past week going to the Colts Training Camp. The training camp is held just an hour drive away from where we live. We enjoy football season. I was inspired to do a few drawings after being there. Tonight is the Colt's first exhibition game. They are notorious for losing the preseason games. They try out all the players giving them a chance to make the team. GO COLTS... If you watch football who is your favorite team??


soulbrush said...

i forgot you are a football fan...we call football -soccer. or do you mean american football?

Quiet Paths said...

Football me? Nope, but here the Grizzleys are number one1

ArtistUnplugged said...

Hey, loved your blooming Tuesday work, lovely! Yea! A football fan! My hubby likes the Colts and Titans, my son likes the Titan, I favor those too also. Funny, they are considering driving up to the Titans exhibition game later today. Though my son leaves for school tomorrow and may feel like he has too many things to do instead. We are also BIG Alabama football fans. Of course, my daughter's high school volleyball games start next week and will have Saturday tournaments, it always has some AL game conflicts. My son attends Univ. of AL, as did my husband. Sorry, I've been MIA, hope to do better soon and I am so sad I am missing all the ATC trading...someday!!!!

SandyCarlson said...

This is great. I love your footballer! He is one muscular dude.

yoon see said...

Wow! You also love football Lisa!
I love to watch too!
It was many years before.
I don't even got the time to watch TV at all.
All dedicate to work, practising piano, blogging, chore and doing art.....
I know how high and happy it's!
He...He..Seeing and watching the ball passing around!!!!

BT said...

Super drawings/paintings Lisa. I am not really a football fan of a particular team although I do enjoy a good game. My son supports Chelsea. I like rugby better as my younger son Ben used to play from when he was 8!

marianne said...

We don't have American footbal here but I am nore like a tennis fan.
The sketch is great Lisa!
Hope you are having fun this weekend!
Read on Teri's blog you already met!
So wonderful!