Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday - 8-27-09

I have so much to be thankful for this week. Lynn sent "me" a gift to celebrate "her" 2nd blogaversary. Thank you so much Lynn. You are such a talented generous lady. Laure is also a generous lady. She sent her letter "J" in a card of her design. Thanks Laure.

The big bang was Teri's visit. I must say I can't hardly tell you how pleased I was to host her and Erv. We had such a great visit. She brought me this sweet little Moleskin Watercolor journal. I took its picture with a regular size so you can see how small it it. It seems this is the perfect size for sketching in church. tee hee...

I have decorated the front page so it is ready for action. I can't wait for an occasion to use it. The stamps I used to decorate the page came from Linda... I just love them too.

Teri, also gave me gift that was wrapped in a unique way. It is a colorful page from a magazine.

Folded like an envelope. It held some ATCs. I had never seen an envelope made this way.

Inside the pretty envelope was a beautiful cactus ATC and a Zen twinchie and an inchie. Many thanks Teri.

When Teri was here visiting this past weekend we took her and Erv to the Dinky Auction House. The big draw of this place is that it is in the heart of Amish country near where I live. I thought we would have fun drawing some of the people and other unusual sights there.

This little group of fellows were sitting right in front of us for a while. I must say I don't do this kind of drawing very often. I need practice. I thought these guys were so cute. The two small boys were with their Grandad(?).In this ring the auctioneer sat behind a desk with the clerk out front were two men catching bids and moving the merchandise along. It seemed that all the men had hats on.

Later, this fellow sat in front of us. Obviously wasn't Amish, at least he didn't have the Amish man's of blue shirt and dark pants uniform on. Maybe he was a fallen away Amish.

There were several auctioneers selling items in several different rings. Everything from Saddles, hay, small animals, household items, tools etc... The women I tried to capture just didn't sit still long enough. I am just too slow for this kind of people drawing. Like I said I need practice.

I can't wait to see Teri's drawings. She is practiced at this kind of drawing as you may recall at seeing her church people. We were sketching away sitting there on those bleachers.

I want to thank Teri for being such a good friend and mentor. She is the one that encouraged me to start posting which has led to my artsy side blossoming.


ArtistUnplugged said...

I just finished reading Teri's all had a great time it appears! I know what you mean, I am not practiced at sketching in this manner but I have seen Teri's and she does an awesome job. She IS an inspiration. It is heartwarming to see blogfriends unite in person! By the way, what on earth is a 'gall' from your previous post...sounds a bit disgusting!

Teri said...

Oh Lisa, your sketches are wonderful! I saw the sketches but the addition of color makes such a difference. You really captured the essence of the evening. That saddle is a wowzer!

I hear you on fast sketching of people. I need to get back to AZ and church so I can get sketching people again:) I felt so rusty.

This whole weekend was so much fun. I wish we lived closer cuz I can see us out sketching in restaurants, church (tee hee) and just everywhere.

Thanks for an absolutely wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steviewren said...

I give you kudos for drawing with all that action going on around you. I would find that so disconcerting. I'd love to go to a Amish auction with blog fun.

Lynn Cohen said...

Well, thank you for posting my card Lisa. Fun to see it here!
Your visit with Terry is a wonder. Love all the gifts and your drawings are terrific. Funny to see you both drew some of the same people. The three (two boys and a grand dad is priceless) and that saddle is very well done! It sat still for you! ;-)
Loved seeing all the goodies you gave Teri on her blog today too.

And don't you love the Letter ATCs so much? I got an "L" for my name from Laure.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Great post. Love seeing all the gifts and hearing more about your visit with Teri. oh and I love seeing sketches like this. no matter if you need practice they are still wonderful and priceless done in the moment.

SandyCarlson said...

These creations are so much fun! These are just great. Your posts with these images inspire me.

Julie said...

Very nice sketches, Lisa! You guys had such a cool time together!!! I would have loved to have been at the auction with ya'll!

Hey...I am so glad you started posting...and we all got to "know" you, and see all your wonderful artwork!!! Thanks, Teri...LOL!!!

PAK ART said...

I jsut read Teri's post before I came over to see yours. I'm so happy that you both had such a wonderful time. I agree wiht some other posters, I don't think I'd be able to concentrate on sketching - I'd be too busy taking in all the action.

Stampmaiden said...

Lisa, I love your sketches! What fun you're going to have with your brand-spankin' new moleskin. Oh, and I like how you used your stamps! I see you added a little glitter to your crown. Nice touch!
That's great how you and Teri got together. I read about it on her blog and saw some pics. I could see you had a lot of fun. Great ATCs and envie too.

verobirdie said...

This is a lovely post, with nice items to see from you and your friends.

soulbrush said...

lisa, i really thought these were teri's sketches, you are so good, you just have to believe it these drawings of the back of people!
i've done it L, i have opened an etsy shop yikes...................

marianne said...

What a wonderful post full of nice gifts and sketches!!!
I have the same moleskine! I love it.

Unknown said...

HA! I missed it (teri's visit), but glad I have gone through your old posts! Love your sketches. Do the Amish mind being sketched? Or did you do it quickly before they noticed?