Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Animal Wednesday-Eight-Spotted Forester

My dear Animal Wedensday friends. You might be delighted to know that this is about the last of my bug sketches, that is unless I dig back into some old sketchbooks. I guess this means I will have to get my lazy self busy drawing some more animals. One of my favorite subjects yet I don't seem to draw them often.

This Eight-spotted Forester Moth was on our patio doors this past summer. I thougth it was so colorful. It would never open its wings for me to see but it sat there for quite some time folded like this. HAW to all.


Julie said...

I love that you do bugs for Animal Wednesday! It is so interesting and there are so many different bugs availavilable to paint! Keep going!!!!!

Teri said...

That is sure an interesting 'bug'. You will just have to find some winter bugs to sketch now :)


marianne said...

Wonderful moth drawing Lisa!
happy thanksgiving to you (I´m too late for HAW)

soulbrush said...

he's an interesting little fellow, can't wait to see some of your animals. sorry i'm late wishing you haw.

yoon see said...

I love the abstract colour on its wings!