Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4 - Snow Bunting

When you come home from voting today I hope you enjoy having a look see at this sweet little Snow Bunting. I couldn't resist trying to paint it after seeing 9 of them Sunday. Our first for fall.


Julie said...

Oh...what a sweet birdie! I love him! My daughter is sitting here next to me and she says it is wonderful, beautiful and amazing, AND perfect!!! LOL.
Have a fantasic day!

Teri said...

A beautiful job on this Lisa. I can see why you were inspired!

Quiet Paths said...

Ooh, that came out nice. What a mellow portrait. Snow bunting.... I've heard of these but have never seen one to my knowledge.

marianne said...

What a lovely bird! And so lovely painted! You are very good at birds!

Unknown said...

I'm not a birder myself, but its shocking how many birds you hear during a walk in the woods up here in Maryland. I wish I could name them all by sound. The pileated was the prize "hear" ... we didn't see it though.

Mim said...

I hope this birdy is for Animal Wednesday cause it's wonderful - then again...you'll probably have something equally good and beautiful (how's that for a challenge!) for AW.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Thank you Julie. I always think of these birds as sweet.

Teri, I am usually inspired by birds.

QP SNow Buntings aren't your usual birds. This is one reason why I like them so.

Thank you Marianne.

Robert, not knowing what is out there is the appeal of birding to me. It is like a treasure hunt. There are cd's that you can purchase that you can listen to and learn the birds sounds. Some people are very good at that. As I grow older my hearing isn't so good. I have realized how much I depend on my hearing for birding.

Hi Mim, I feel like I didn't meet the challenge for AW. Ha.. maybe next time.