Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Animal Wednesday - Tiger

One of my first attempts at painting animals. Happy Animal Wednesday. Sorry if I disappoint Mim. I was up too late last night watching election returns to paint/draw anything. I have a one track mind.


Julie said...

LOL...I'm glad to know I am not the only one track minded person in the world...I was too excited and glued to the TV to do anything else last night! Your tiger is so realistic! Very nice!!!!!!!

Teri said...

Me too. I even sketched our new Pres-elect but it is too bad to show anyone. What an electrifying night!!

Great colors on the tigger :)

Margaret Ann said...

What a peaceful gorgeous animal!
And a big WOOHOO on last night! :)

Mim said...

How in heavens name could I be disappointed with two beautiful animal pictures! They're wonderful and this tiger is just amazing. HAW and keep disappointing me - I love it

soulbrush said...

no disappointment here, it's lovely, i got behind on my commenting this week. hugs.

marianne said...

The tiger is one of the most beautiful animals I know!
This is a wonderful painitng!
Is this really one of your first attempts? It is great! I love it