Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 2, 2008

Here is a page out of my sketch book. I am going to try to do a page every day but I will obviously have to dip back into my book from time to time. This should be interesting. I don't sketch every day normally. I usually sketch in spurts. I might do two or three one day and none another day. I am always inspired by those people that sketch daily. If you are one of those people, do you have a sketchbook for daily sketching or do you have several sketchbooks going at one time. Or like this doing a sketch every day in november, do you have a sketchbook just for this?? What size do you use? This is one of those small moleskine watercolor books. Sometimes I need a larger book. This doesn't let me move the paint as well as say some arches wc paper.

Anyway, I hope your Sunday went as well as could be. It is a beautiful day here. We are savoring it as a cold front will move in shortly. Maybe this will spur me to paint more than being outside running around. Ha...


Teri said...

Lisa, this is just gorgeous!!!!! the shading is so perfect I can almost smell it.

As you know I am one of those daily sketchers and am very unconventional. I have several sketchbooks going at one time depending on what I want to sketch. I always carry my small WC Moleskine in my purse (for church mostly :) and waiting times, then I have the larger Moleskine, a Lama li sketchbook, a Canson Montval Field Watercolor book that is 10x7, 140# WC sketchbook and that one is my favorite.

I think all the selection of paper and books grew because I like to try new things.

Oh and then there is my Strathmore black paper and Robert Bateman sketchbook plus watercolor blocks of different sizes.

Now I bet that is a LOT more info than you wanted.

I hope you do find time to sketch everyday even if it is small because you will be amazed how it helps you improve. You go girl!!!

Mim said...

This really is so wondeful. I find that I don't sketch but I think that I should try - as practice would make (a little bit more) perfect.