Monday, November 17, 2008

Zentangle Debut

When I did my first zentangle I realized I liked fillingin some of the spaces.

So I did another and filled in lots of space. Then I kept looking at this thinking it didin't look quite right and went back to the web site that Teri told us about and read up a little on them.

I realized that they didn't go edge to edge on their paper. It was more of a free hand drawing.
Although they suggest that you use black ink and fine papers I have used what I have on hand. My sketchbook was here just waiting for some attention and since I like color I have done a few small ones with my colored Sharpies. The one below sort of looks like Broom Hilda came out of her dress as she flew by.
I also reverted back to the full square with the blue. I don't know why that happened.
All I know is that once I started I had a difficult time stopping. It may not be the true zentangle but it is something I enjoyed doing...obviously.
I just wish I had some different colors of markers to use. I also was reminded that I am not a perfectionist which I think would help if you were a true zentanglist. Is that a word or a being?


Teri said...

Another believer and now an addict. Arn't they fun! These are great! By the last one you were really rolling.

Best part? There are no rules. Just whatever makes you happy.

Welcome to the world of zentanglers!

Now I feel like doing another one :)

Julie said...

Lisa!!!!! How cool! I can see you need that HUGE pack of all different colored Sharpies! LOL!
I like the way you just experimented with all the shapes and feels...I need to try that!
Happy Zentangling!

Mim said...

These are great and I can see how you can get addicted. Love the fact that there are no rules!

soulbrush said...

oh my godness, this is like sudoku, once you sat you cannot stop. they are gorgeous. and look like such fun. pop over to my blog as it is award-giving day today.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I had never heard of these. How interesting. I shall do some reasearch too.
I love your bee!
I miss them too.
Happy drawing,

marianne said...

They seem like fun!
Have to try it!
Yours look so experienced already!

Quiet Paths said...

Hmm, perhaps this lady could learn after all. How very interesting and thanks for including the link. You've done so well!

Quiet Paths said...

PS, I have never been too good at the visual arts but I might try this.