Monday, November 10, 2008

Cactus Monday - Arrojadoa penicillata

This pretty looking cactus is Arrojadoa penicillata. I find it difficult to resist pink blooms. This is done with colored pencil about 5"x7".


Julie said...

This is sooooo lovely, soft and beautiful! I can hardly believe you did it with colored pencils! I love colored pencils, but can hardly believe they did something like this!!! Very great!!!!!!! It gives me hope for my future technique perfection! P.S. I adore desert wildflowers, and spent all morning perusing my wildflower book, then came upon this desert cactus flower...amazing timing!!!

Teri said...

Beautiful macro view of this flower. I think cactus flowers are so special because they live with all those thorns and spines.
You really do great with those colored pencils!


marianne said...

Wow I love pink!
So nice you have foccussed on a detail!
I wanted to buy a cactus today but my husbannnd didn´t want to.....
This cactus monday is doing something to me.
next time I buy one when I am alone :)

Happy Cactus Monday Lisa!

soulbrush said...

i also love pink, it's just so delicate and feminine...did i say that? hcm fellow cactuteer.